Friday, December 3, 2021

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Real Motivations for Removing Trump Exposed as Impeachment Hearings Go Public

Is … Is this a defense? A demand? A delusion? An ultimatum? A cry for help?

AS WE GO TO PRESS, the first round of public impeachment hearings in committees of the House of Representatives are coming to an end. The second round of hearings, which are expected to last until mid-December, will likely end with formal impeachment charges voted on by the House.

It has been a little over a month since the House voted to proceed with an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, ostensibly over his role in holding back hundreds of millions of dollars of military aid to Ukraine.

In return for releasing the aid, Trump sought information that could discredit his likely Democratic challenger in the upcoming 2020 presidential election, former Vice President Joe Biden, specifically about Biden’s son, Hunter, who held a lucrative $50,000-a-month position on the board of directors of Burisma, the country’s largest natural gas and oil extraction company, since 2014.

While this may legitimately raise some eyebrows, it is hardly unusual. Capitalism regularly makes use of quid pro quo, sweetheart deals and behind-the-scenes maneuvering as part of its day-to-day functioning. Much more revealing, though, is how the exploiting classes moved past the attempted quid pro quo, focusing on the specific quid that was offered in exchange for the quo.

What gored the exploiting classes’ ox? It was not Trump’s sleazy effort to dig up some dirt on Biden. If it was, the Democrats wouldn’t be fighting tooth-and-nail to keep the former vice president and his son completely out of the process. In fact, the quid pro quo itself is not even an issue, insofar as it being seen as a breach of ethics or violation of the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Democrat Adam Schiff (left) and Republican Devin Nunes, leading members of the House Intelligence Committee involved in the impeachment hearings.

It only factors in due to what Trump was holding back as part of his side of the deal: $390 million in lethal military aid to Ukraine. Almost six years ago, in January 2014, the U.S. bankrolled a coup in Ukraine to the tune of $5 billion. Using neo-Nazis as shock troopers, the goal of this coup was to secure a strategically-vital region on the southern flank of the Russian Federation that could be used as a base of operations by the U.S. and NATO in the event that a new cold war ever turned hot.

But, for the last five years, the war has been hot, with Ukrainian soldiers fighting pro-Russian militias and, quite likely, Russian “volunteer” military units in the Donbass region. The last two years of the Obama administration focused on reorienting the U.S. from fighting the “war on terror” to preparing for inter-imperialist Great Power conflicts, such as war with Russia or China.

This preparation continued into the Trump administration. However, conflict soon broke out between the White House and the state apparatus over whether Russia or China was the bigger threat. For the state (the military, CIA, FBI, NSA, etc.), it was unquestionably Russia. And any show of friendship toward Russia or its leaders was seen as weakness and tantamount to treason.

This has been the basis of the last three years of anti-Russia hysteria from the Democratic Party and its mouthpieces, from the accusations of interference in the 2016 elections to the Mueller report to now. Desperate to regain power in Washington and finish the job started by Obama, the Democrats have aligned themselves with the state apparatus to see to it that Washington is returned to the road to war against Moscow — a road to the next world war.

The end result is that the impeachment hearings have been initiated and pushed forward on perhaps the most thoroughly reactionary basis possible.

The state apparatus steps forward: Career diplomat Jennifer Williams (left) and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman testify before the House Intelligence Committee on Trump’s withholding of military aid to Ukraine.

The so-called “choice” being offered by the U.S. exploiting classes is either side with Trump and his radical reactionaries, and excuse or even accept the numerous crimes against human decency he and his faction of the exploiters have committed, or side with the state apparatus and Democrats, and sign off on a renewed war posture against Russia that can only end in a nuclear moment.

In our view, that is not a choice. That is a mortal threat to all of humanity.

It is time for the working class, not just in the U.S. but around the world, to stand up and put an end to this madness, to organize ourselves as a class, to build the organs we need to wage an effective and successful fight, especially an international proletarian communist party, to liberate ourselves from capitalism.


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